Barbecue Houses


Wall Thickness: 45mm
Dimensions: 4,1 x 3,79m
Please call for prices:
Price includes benches, footrests, shingles  Please allow 4- 5 weeks for delivery
Model: 8 Sided
Rounded Planking: 45mm
Wall Outer Dimensions (W x D): 4.1 x 3.79 m
Size / Cover Area: 13.14 m2 / approx. 30.3 m2
Overall Height: 4.04 m
Material: Natural Pine
Roof Material: 18mm Pine Panels
Roof Elements Ready Tiled: Bitumen Tiles*
3 Wall Elements with tilting Window (W x H): 1.59 x 1.33 m
2 Blank Wall Elements (W x H): 1.59 x 1.33 m
Door with Glass and Cylinder Lock
Double Glazed Windows

*Available colours for Bitumen tiles: black, green red, blue, grey, brown, copper.


The ideal house for entertaining a large number of people. This will sit 18 and sleep 3.

The building is manufactured from the finest redwood forests of Estonia. The 8 walls are 45mm thick (nearly 2inches). The windows are all double glazed and fitted with high quality brass finished fittings.

The inside has benches fitted to 7 walls, these convert to 3 sleeping platforms when needed.

In the centre of the Barbecue House there is a specially designed circular barbecue with removable tables. There are 3 adjustable, rotating cooking platforms for holding the kettle, saucepan and frying skillet over the charcoals. There are also 2 Blaze boards which are used for cooking a side of salmon or trout.


Grillkota 12.0 A = £5490.00 Incl. benches and footrests
Grillkota 12.0 B = £5995.00 Incl. benches, footrests, smoke extraction hood, grill
Grillkota 12.0 C = £6495.00Guide Prices :- subject to delivery, vat  and final specification Incl. benches, footrests, smoke extraction hood, grill, 7 reindeer hides, wooden plates and cutlery for 6 people, 6 large Kuksa and 6 small Kuksa (Lapland wooden cups), guestbook, binoculars and schnapps container, thermometer, coffee pot and stand, pan holder, wooden serviette stand, pair of grill gloves, clock in wood.