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Traditional Log Houses.

house1Using quality, slow grown, scots pine and traditional building techniques these log homes are suitable for any location, all houses comply with current Building Regulations.

Log Homes are built using a system that has been around for centuries in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, some of these properties have been standing since the 14th century.

The buildings are constructed using the cope method of manufacture, in full square/oval logs. Log sizes are 200mm minimum.

Each log home is made to your own design or from one of our pre -designed plans, full consultation at every stage with the customer ensures a well designed and practical building made to suit your needs and desires.

The rustic and ecological character of the buildings are more suited to the greener areas of the countryside. Send me a brochure

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We can help with:

Design and Drawings
Planning and Building Regulation Approval
Design and Build
Handcrafted or Machine Milled Square/oval Log
200mm min Logs
Installation and Finishing to your individual requirements

squarelog_mobilecornerContact us to discuss your project proposals.

Some techical info:

Each handcrafted log is scribed over the next and laid with insulation between courses giving an excellent insulated and weatherproof joint, at wall intersections and ends each log is half jointed (saddle notched) over the next, the main structural strength of the buildings is provided by ” Box Action”

Lateral stability is gained from the external and internal solid log cross walls fixed securely to the floor slab, walls can be tied at the head using Feature Trusses or at internal floor level “Plate Action”



Glue Laminated Log

What you Must know before you buy a log cabin or garden building, regardless of who you buy it from!


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