Why Choose Us

Because of our ‘Alliances’ we can provide you with ANY type of timber building.
From small garden annex to school building, sports clubs, holiday park homes, residential houses and more.


Our core products are Hand Made or Milled solid log buildings.

These mobile lodges, summer houses and residential homes are built by craftsmen in several partnered production facilities,within Europe this gives us full control over Quality Delivery & Price. So you get the best possible deal.

You can choose from round or square logs these buildings are suited for all year round use and are so well insulated that there is no need for secondary internal lining, these beautiful solid log homes are built to withstand the most extreme winters.

The structures even out perform traditional British methods of construction, highly efficient, insulated, structurally better performance than brick built or steel clad construction, meeting all fire and building regulation requirements.

The strength that the solid log construction offers means our buildings are extremely durable and secure. Full log construction means your building will outlast all of the less solid designs.

Alliance Log Homes comply with all building regulations including holiday accommodation and mobile homes regulations.

Our products are built to a high specification from managed forests, the materials are top quality and will stand the test of time.

We offer a friendly, flexible and professional service to mobile home park owners or private individuals for ANY timber building.

So whatever your requirements call Alliance Log Homes.

Call us on! 01706 299020

log cabins, garden annex, sports clubs, houses, holiday park homes…..